NFL: Phillips: ” My record was better than Garretts.”

NFL: Phillips:

Wade Phillips who was once the Cowboys Head Coach. But, during the middle of the 2010 season Jerry Jones decided to make Jason Garrett the Head Coach. Recently, Phillips decided to point out the fact that after 56 games of coaching, Phillips has the better record at 34-22 to Garrett’s 29-27. Phillips used to Twitter to point this out to fans and Twitter followers.
Stats also show that, during the start of the 2010 season the Cowboys started out 1-7. Then, when Jerry Jones decided to name Garrett has Head Coach, the Cowboys ended the season 5-3. But, since Garrett has been the Head Coach the Cowboys have had 3 three straight 8-8 seasons. Phillips, on the other hand, went 13-3, 9-7 and 11-5 in his three full seasons as the Cowboys’ Head Coach. Phillips definitely has the made a case that he had a bigger impact and received more the team than Garrett has so far.


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