NFL: Aaron Hernandez beating up another inmate

Aaron Hernandez reportedly attacked an inmate in the Bristol County Jail on Tuesday. According to the security officers in the Jail they said ” Hernandez beat the guy up pretty good.” The man Hernandez attacked, was supposedly running his jaws at Hernandez all day and he just ignored the inmate. Then coincidentally, later the inmate happen to be walking in the same hallway as Hernandez. The once NFL all-star then attacked the inmate and beat him up pretty good and security had to separate the too. 


NBA: Kyrie Irving possibly wants out of Cleveland

The Cleveland Cavaliers Star point guard Kyrie Irving is possibly considering not playing in Cleveland anymore. Irving who is 21, and has played his first 3 season with the Cavs has not had a winning record after the second week of the season. He is one of the big named stars in the NBA but, the Cavs just haven’t been able to put together a above .500 season yet. Cleveland still can possibly have 2 more years of Irving before they have to start negotiating a long time contract extension. Only problem there is, Irving is wanting a contract that he as you could say deserves. 

NBA: James Broken Nose

LeBron James received a broken nose in the last game against the Thunder. He broke his nose when dunking the ball against Serge Ibaka. James did make the dunk but in the process, Ibaka contested the dunk and just so happened to hit James nose in the process.  LeBron, has been fitted for a mask is going to sit out for today’s game against the Chicago Bulls. Greg Oden, will start in his place.

Click the Link to see how James broke his nose.

NFL: Manziel Clcoks 4.56 at Combine

Johnny Manziel ran the 40-yard dash this morning and clocked in at 4.56. Two years ago, Russell Wilson ran a 4.55. Manziel is the fastest Quarterback in the 2014 draft class. Manziel is being compared to Wilson by speed but, teams do do not know if he is as good of a passer or leader as Wilson is. But, we do know he is a “Great” athlete just like Wilson.